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Whole-Food & Plant-Based Nutrition Counseling

...coming soon!

Growing up in the southern Alberta landscape of feedlot and cattle country, meat is considered a religion, a vital source of nutrients and a substantial source of the family's income....

Lauren grew up probably like the majority of us, eating the western diet and most likely suffered similar medical ailments that trend among the west dieters- elevated blood pressure, fatty liver, constipation, ulcerative colitis, etc, etc. Increasing activity levels, eating more 'lean meats', and reducing alcohol did do much for Lauren's internal health and it wasn't until the (then) mid 20's pregnant mom found herself diagnosed with preeclampsia and gestational diabetes and surviving an abruptio placentae with her first child. The outward 'healthy' looking new mom was fighting an internal battle that required a serious intervention.

Having tried every possible fad diet imagined without success of reversing progressing medical ailments, Lauren started to focus on research and evidence-based perspectives of food science. Since June 2021, Lauren has embraced a whole-food and plant-based lifestyle (WFPB) and miraculously reversed all previously medical diagnosed conditions and shed 60+ pounds. Lauren is profoundly passionate about food science and helping friends, family, and hopefully you, thrive on a WFPB lifestyle! 

Currently enrolled at the University of Guelf, Lauren looks forward to providing the community of Wood Buffalo with one on one nutrition counseling and mouth watering WFPB meals.

Coming soon, WFPB nutrition services! 

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